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Many Ways For Watching Online Movies

If you are a person who loves watching horror movies or any kind of movies, you like downloading or just watching !!, then you’ll find what you are looking for in this article because here i’ve put a list of the best 4 websites to have a free download of full movies and top 10 websites that give you a free movie online without downloading. So you no need to bye  Cd’s or DVD anymore. All what you need is here: is a website that give you the best experience to watch & dowload free movies online with high quality at Putlocker, Sockshare, Movshare, Vidbux, SHaresix, Vidhog, Veehd, videoweed, and latest released movies online.
Global rank: 124,393
Rank in United Kingdom: 6,991  is the best website containing  database that has more than 40562 movies and 3952 TV shows free for sure , and no registration required!

Regarding  the quality of the movies, let me tell you that it is between good and very good, so it is an advantage for  people who has a slow connection.
Global Rank: 36,944
Rank in United States: 132,144 is the best website for me; why ?!! her is my reasons:
1. simple design that means you can find your movie without any problem.
2. Biggest Library of free Full Movies
3. Stream Content is Fast and Easy
4. Reviews, Trailers
5. A very high quality
Global Rank: 784
Rank in United States: 460
I  advice you to try this website :) is a new and excellent site for streaming movies. A very professional website,At  the first page, you will find  the most recent,popular, and well organized movies.
Yify is to watch movies with different subtitles so all people can freely chose his language.
Regarding quality ; it depends on your internet network
About database: it is good.
Global Rank: 11,729
Rank in United States: 8,167 is good website you can watch free movies and Tv show, this website has about 3000 movies & 600 Tv show which mean it hasn’t a big databese, about quality is very good. So if you like it you need to sign up for watching movies.
Global Rank: 167,172
Rank in United States: 45,607

Los Movies is a service that allows you to watch online streaming High Quality movies and cinema films without any redirection has a big databese also is still ione of fewer sites that offer subtitle option like When it comes to quality of audio and video they are better than many competitors.
Ads in some links can be annoying but in general is not big problem.
Global Rank:27,618
Rank in United States: 21,787

So until now i guess you have multiple ways to watch free movies online without downloading, but what if i told that all you have read represents only a litlle of what really exist!!

In the United States a list of websites “Restricted only to US citizens” which mean authorised just for american people and some european people too. You can read more about Restricted only to US citizens here.
To wrap up there are many very and very good streaming websites but they are allowed just for united states, so if you are from america you are so lucky, if you don’t just use a VPN or Proxy and change your ip adress, for i’m using an extension  for google chrome “ZenMate” its working good:
Let’s take a look about these streaming websites:

hulu.com1. is an excellent site who make you watching free new movies with quality HD in your computer or Tv or Console “allow just for USA”
You can try one week for FREE :)  is the number one site in USA for watching movies “allow for america & and european nationalities”

1 Month for FREE !! “watch on demand” buy any Movies, Series and you can watch it any where “Tv, Laptop…” and of course HD quality  If you don’t have much time to watch a movie in cinema! this site can help you. All movies you will watch it with high quality quality “Bluray” also there is an option “LIVE TV” :) is an USA Network

These is the top 5 sites for me. 

Because this is summer and we are in holiday, I will give you some site if you want to dowload movies for free that respect “Intellectual property” :


This is an amazing website to download Hollywood movies, it contains high quality format of videos files , you can find DVD quality and videos with a maximum size up to 700mb. The good thing about this website is that first it’s free and the downlaod is really fast, it last less than an hour if you have a good internet speed.


You can find movies in this website by selecting a category of movies, so it’s more comfotable to use and a very interesting website to download free movies. Also HTTPFILM is one of the easiest websites to use, use can download a movie only by clicking on it.


You like using you phone a lot but also you like watching movies, sometimes lazy to open your computer to download one, so FULLMOVIEZ is the answer, it is the best website to downlaoad movies on your mobile, tablets or computer. Here too, you can watch movies by selecting a category of those provided or search for the movie you want in the search bar of the website. A movie is provided in FULLMOVIEZ in different language so this is very usefull when you want to watch a Bollywood movie in English.


Just like the previous ones MOVIESCRIB is another amazing website where you can find all categories of movies available in many languages, also the search bar is available to make it easier for you to find you favorite movie.

Now you have the top 4 websites for a free and full download and the top 5 site for movie streaming HD quality “Just for USA” & the top 6 sites that gives you a free movies online without downloading.

Stay tuned for more interesting articles

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