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Comedy Movies In The Last 3 Years

Tammy 2014
Tammy 2014
After her great success in ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘The Heat’ Melissa McCarthy today plays the starring role of ‘Tammy’ a 2014 comedy that brings together Melissa MacCarthy and her husband and actor in the movie Ben Falcone who is also the director and producer of the film. Besides the starring role Melissa MacCarthy is the Co-writer of ‘Tammy’. The film stars are also Susan Sarandon, Allison Janney, Toni Collette, Sandra Oh, Dan Aykroyd and Kathy Bates.
The story begins when Tammy “Melissa MacCarthy” after being late for her shift gets fired from Topper Jacks. What she wants now is to get home as fast as she can to feel comfort again, on her way back to her house her car dies as it isn’t a bad day already, once home comes the big shock, she finds her husband (Nat Faxon) having a romantic meal with her neighbor (Toni Collette) in her own house. Her shock was immense, she wants to leave for somewhere, anywhere, but first she is Broke, Second she technically has no car anymore. Her only option is her grandma Pearl (Susan Sarandon) who has cash, a car, and a wish to see Niagara Falls, the problem is that Pearl an alcoholic and not quite the partner Tammy wants to help her forget what happened, not what she wants but may be exactly what she needs.
This is a film about loving and appreciating who you truly are in order to achieve what you want, so will Tammy eventually understand this, will she stop complaining and stand up to face life?
Concerning the critics, this comedy movie received many negative reviews, according to Ian Buckwalter “Tammy never quite manages to find that balance between the sweet and the smartass the way Bridesmaids did, nor does the mismatched buddy dynamic between McCarthy and Sarandon ever approach the success of The Heat. But eventually the film does manage to find its own awkward way, with enough effective and less desperate jokes to smooth things over after the rocky start. It’s a shakier debut of McCarthy and Falcone’s efforts behind the camera than one might have hoped for, but if Tammy can turn things around, surely they can too.”
This Is The End
This Is The End

When the end of the world is close fear and panic get to people’s hearts, add to that the mess that happens all around the world, it can be very scary! Most films always brilliantly picture such incidents very dramatically to catch the audience’s attention. But what if the end of the world was presented in a comedy way?  It will ease our fear of the great day that is inevitable. This was the main idea of ‘This Is The End’ comedy, which brings again the end of the world but this time very different from what we used to see in other films.
The film was strange and very funny, the film ‘Fast And Furious 6’ was stupid in a bad way and ‘This is the end’ was a stupid movie too, but superbly. Unfortunately this comedy was full of abusive and offensive views that may affect some sensitive viewers, but if you are not the sensitive type you will enjoy every second of the movie and that’s exactly what happened to me. The main goal of the film was pushing the viewers to laugh, to feel out of breath and this is what the film actually succeeded to do as well as preventing you from feeling guilty for what’s happening in the planet right now, something that other movies about the end of the world successfully did make us feel.
Participated in the film great new faces in the Hollywood comedies, every actor added his own touch dealing with others in this film, with this crew of talented comedians the big challenge of this film was making viewers laugh.
All the film’s characters were true characters representing themselves, each representative has to play his character, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogaine, Jay Barotchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson at the top of the list of actors, the film revolves mainly around them, they met at a party in Los Angeles at James Franco’s (James Franco) house, suddenly a blue light from the sky appears and carries several store customers away, and starts after that an earthquake destroying the city of Los Angeles while fires spread on the hills of the famous Hollywood, then a large incision in the earth kills most of those who were at the party, after the beginning of the end of the world begins the struggle for survival for a group of individuals from the community of upscale Hollywood.
Participated in the film Michael Cera, Emma Watson, Mindy Kaleng, Rihanna and Channing Tatum, in addition to many actors who have had their special roles and touch in this amazing comedy.
The film was directed, produced and written by the duo Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogaine in their first work together.
Finally, the film received many critics’ mostly positive ones and achieved a profit of (116 million dollars), while its budget did not exceed (32 million dollars), which is relatively large for comedy films.
 The Heat
The Heat
Comedy films are very important in the world of cinema, fortunately failed comedies are decreasing and I hope it will continue this way. After winning the Academy Award and represented a number of dramatic films Sandra Bullock returned to her comedy origins to participate in the starring of “The Heat” with Melissa McCarthy.
This comedy movie was not bad at all and it included many funny clips, so generally it is a good comedy movie to watch.
Excellent in several aspects, most importantly the text and the performance of the two actresses in starring roles, their meeting was a positive thing already. However, it is not the best comedy for 2013 and will not be the case because of some weak sections in the film and its lack for originality.
The story of this film is about a special agent from the FBI (Sandra Bullock) hated by her partners in the work because of her arrogant behavior, her director who expects to be promoted for a new job sent her to Boston to search and investigate in the source of drugs under the name of Larkin and gives her a promise to occupy his place if she successfully resolved this issue, and showed the ability to deal with others. In Boston she becomes the partner of a rebelled police officer named Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) and that’s how starts their funny journey full of action to eliminate the king of drugs in the region.
The film received many critics but most are positive and it achieved excellent international earnings (226 million dollars) comparing to its -we can say- large budget (43 million dollars). Numbers are reasonable due to the large promotion that characterized the film and the participation of the two famous actresses.
The chances of having a second part to this great comedy are high because of the success and numbers achieved by the original part.
Finally, we can say that “The Heat” is one of the most successful comedies for the year 2013.

we're the millers
we’re the millers
Comedies were and are still the fundamentals of the world of cinema, unfortunately movies released in 2013 were more a source of disappointments than really good comedy movies. One of the disappointments was Hangover 3 that wasn’t at all up to the expectations, and in spite of the success of the film “We’re The Millers” the animated films seems to be the best thing given to us by comedy this year.
In general the film included a lot of funny scenes and passages also did it offset some of the absurdities that cannot be taken in similar movies. The story was not as good or probably isn’t very important in this kind of films, because a strange story may be the basis of a comedy movie that can surprisingly be very successful. This kind of comedies raises some concerns about moving away from the elegant comedy to chase the only goal of laughter.
The film is watchable and can keep you in a permanent stage of entertainment if you can ignore some things.
It was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber director of the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
The story is about the drug dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) who was kidnapped by some criminals, leaving his life at the mercy of his employer and the merchant big Brad Gordlinger (Ed Helms), who asks him to become a smuggler of drugs in a major operation and then he will be pardoned on his previous losses and also lures him away a large amount of money that David couldn’t refuse of course. The plan requires to fake a happy family in order to skip the U.S. – the Mexican borders back and forth, David will use the Strip dancer Rosa O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston) and one of the children of his neighbors Kenny Rosmor (Will Boltar) in addition to the girl on a run from her parents’ house called Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts) and give themselves a family name “the Millers” as if they were a happy family and traditional Americans. This is the start for series of events in this film.
Genuinely, this comedy received different reviews some of them were negative while for the viewers the reviews were very positive making it the most successful movie in 2013 ahead of many other comedy films such as “The Heat” and “This Is The End”, it achieved (264 million dollars) seven times its budget, which was estimated at (37 million dollars), imaginary numbers for this comedy due to several reasons, the most important one is the period in which the film was released known as weak (weak stories, acting, …) making “We’re The Millers” the best Comedy option available at the time.
Everybody loves comedy movies, who doesn’t love to laugh? And I think that comedy is very important in the world of the big screen and so it needs so much care.
Last but not least, the world of comedy movies is facing a hard time that’s for sure but its coming back to the top is sure and now it’s just a matter of time

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